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Piarom dates price in 2018

Piarom dates price, What is this for import in new year? Can I buy the best quality of my dates at reasonable prices?

In 2018 and 2019 year, due to market volatility, the price of most products including of Piarom date, has been affected. But you can buy the best quality of these dates in bulk or in bulk directly from Iran suppliers.

Just contact us to find out the price of the palm and order it.

piarom dates

What is the best Piarom dates?

The dates are from indigenous cultivars of the Hajiabad area in the south of the country. Piarom dates have come in many thanks to its hearty taste and high shelf life. It is one of the most successful exporters and sellers in Iran.

Piarom dates

The amount of moisture and meatiness of the date, the dark color and the size of it are high quality marks.

Super Piarom and export dates usually have a dark brown color and a size of 4.5 centimeters. Piarom dried dates are usually packed in bulk in cartons of 5 and 10 kg.

Piarom dates price

Piarom dates price

As noted in 2018, due to currency fluctuations, we are witnessing a change in the prices of many products. Usually the inflation in the market and the rise in the price of a commodity or currency will increase the sales prices of other products.
Considering the availability of Arad dates group to southern palm and direct relation with farmers, we have been able to market the farmer with a favorable price with reasonable prices.

Piarom dates price

All types of dates are bought and sold for $ 7-9. The degree of quality and the type of product delivery in bulk or packaging determines the selling rate.

Piarom dates export

The dates are exported to European and Asian countries, including Russia, Dubai, Qatar, Britain, Germany, India and Pakistan. Various types of dates are suitable for import, including standard dates and golden Piarom dates.

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Piarom dates have been able to compete with similar figures of deglet noor and medjool dates on the world markets. You can contact us for buy and ordering iranian dates.

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