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Bam mazafati dates where to buy?

Bam mazafati dates are packed in cartons of 600-650 grams. The various qualities of these dates can be purchased online and online. Suppliers of Mazatifi dates in Bam, produce the product at an affordable price.

mazafati date

Bam mazafati dates

Mazafati dates are one of the best-selling varieties in Iran. Exports of Bam and Jiroft dates to the European and Asian countries are customary. To find out about the price of mazafati dates and how to buy and sell these dates, please contact Arad dates group.

Bam mazafati date

The price mazafati dates bulk and packaging are announced according to the date quality. Bam area is one of the largest producing regions in southern Kerman. The mazafati dates in this area are at a great price. In the city, the Mazafati variety is also bought and sold in bulk.

Bam date

Bam mazafati dates are one of the best and best selling export figures. The Mazafati cultivar has a high humidity and moisture content in this area. It is also darker than the mazafati date. Compared to that, it is more suitable for export. Suppliers of mazafati dates in Bam are ready to partner with merchants around the world.

How do you choose a good date?

To purchase and choose the fresh dates you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • Touch the date and make sure of its freshness and meatiness
  • Pay attention to the amount of juice and moisture of the dates
  • The color of the fresh dates is from dark to dark black
  • Insects should not be seen inside the date
  • Do not taste sour or smell badly

Bam mazafati date

Mazafati dates buy

If you intend to buy a mazafati date, you can prepare these dates in bulk and package.

Usually bulk mazafati date are purchased for import to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan.
Bam mazafati dates is packed in bulk in cartons of 5 and 10 kg after harvest. This type is sold at an affordable price.

mazafati date

Also, 3 kg of Mazafati dates are customary in the Jiroft area. Bulk packaging and laminate are also suitable for entering the export market.
In this regard, it is possible to accept the order of packing with the brand and the design of the customers in different packages. You can contact us for information about mazafati date price.

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