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Import Iranian dates + HS code list

Import Iranian dates to most Asian and European countries has boosted the market of dates. Most countries, such as India, Turkey, Dubai, Russia, the United Kingdom, Germany, England and the United States are the date importers in the world. Contact us for a list of prices and familiarity with a variety of dates.

Import Iranian date

Import Iranian dates

Iran is one of the 10 countries producing dates in the world. Egypt and then Iran are at the top of the table, and more than 900 million tons of fresh and new date varieties are produced in the country. But only 7.7% of Iran’s dates are exported to world markets. Mostly India, Malaysia and Russia are the main buyers of this product.

Iranian dates

It’s interesting to know that after Pakistan, the countries of Iraq, India, and Kazakhstan are among the largest Iranian customers. Most of the customer are in international markets such as India, Malaysia, Canada, the European Community, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey.

Hs Code dates

Iran’s export products require a customs code for leaving the country and crossing the customs. Dates are also a garden fruit whose exports have their own concerns. For example, customs formalities, the lack of refrigerated containers, or the surplus of a treaties are usually problematic.

Import Iranian dates

However, if you are familiar with the product, packaging and standards, you can easily compete in world markets. Each date has a Harmonized System Codes or the so-called HS code. This 8-digit code, usually from the World Trade Organization, is determined by the tax policies, pricing, and economy of each state.

Import dates   Iranian dates

Below are some of the HS codes for various types of Iranian export dates:

  • Dates = 08041000
  • Mazafati dates = 08041040
  • Kabkab dates = 08041020
  • Piarom dates = 08041030
  • Zahedi = 08041060
  • Stamaran = 08041010
  • Rebbi = 08041090
  • Shahani = 08041050

Iranian Fresh or dry dates

For the introduction of various varieties of Iranian export dates, it should be noted that many types of dry dates that can be exported to other countries are still unknown. Most of the merchants and major customers of Iranian dates know the varieties of Mazafati, Piarom and Zahidi.

Import Iranian dates

Dates of Mazafati, Stamaran, Shahani, Shahabi, Kabkab and Kaluteh are fresh dates. Packing these varieties often does not damage the fruit’s texture.

Other types of dates such as Piarom, Rabbi, Zahedi, gerdiman and Deyri dates are dry texture. Also, the variety of packaging in these types is higher.

Arad Dates Group is able to cooperate with customers for the export and sale of various types of dates.

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