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kalooteh dates suppliers in Jiroft

kalooteh dates suppliers in the Jiroft area of Kerman are ready to cooperate with the merchants of the world. kalooteh is among the Iranian export dates. Most Asian and Gulf countries are among the importers of the kalooteh date.

kalooteh dates

Jiroft’s Kalooteh dates

kalooteh dates are sold in bulk and basket in Jiroft. kalooteh dates are bought at a great price directly from the garden.

As mentioned, the Jiroft area in Kerman province is cultivated with a variety of dates. The variety of dates in this area is high. Dates of Helileh, Mordasang, Mazafati and Rabbi dates are cultivated in Jiroft.

kalooteh dates

Characteristics of the Jiroft’s kalooteh dates include:

  • Shape: oval, fleshy and soft
  • Tissue: Semi-dry
  • Color: Black – Brown
  • Humidity: 14-17%
  • Thickness: 3-5 cm
  • Taste: Sweet with the right sugar content
  • Time taken: mid-July

kalooteh dates

The Kaluteh dates from the city’s best selling products. These dates are very popular due to the similar appearance of Mazafati variety and delicious taste.

The Kalooteh or kali dates less moisture than the Mazafati dates. This has led many countries to select these dates for purchase. Transportation and maintenance of Kali dates are similar to the Mazafati date.

Kalooteh dates suppliers and exporter

The major suppliers of these dates in Jiroft are ready to cooperate with traders and exporters of dates in the world. You can make Kalooteh date in a diverse package that suits the destination country.

kalooteh dates suppliers

Importers of dates can buy the best dates for Iranian exports at affordable prices and in bulk.

Kalooteh date Exports are usually in bulk in cartons of 5 and 10 kg.

But the custom packaging in the domestic market is 500g and 3kg cartons. The quality of the packed date is selected according to the target market.

 kali dates suppliers

Kalooteh dates are graded in terms of quality and number in kilograms:

  • Super Jumbo and Super (70 pounds per kilo)
  • Grade AAA (100 pounds per kilo)
  • Grade AA (120 pounds per kilo) and
  • Kolothe grade A

Kalooteh’s buying and selling rates vary depending on the quality and harvesting area. Other factors such as supply and demand, type of packaging and sales season affect the price of dates.

To prepare a variety of dates, you can also contact the seller responsible for selling the products.

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