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Dried rabbi dates and Suppliers of Iranshahr

Dried rabbi dates are of Iran’s bestsellers and exporters. Due to the dryness and similar appearance of dates, these dates are a good option for introducing into the world markets. Rabbi dates have high shelf life and enough sugar. The delicious taste of this appetizing fruit is well-suited.

rabbi dates

Dried Rabbi Dates

Due to the semi-dry texture and long shelf life, Rabbi’s dates are easy to maintain and maintain. For this reason, the issue of export has been very much considered.

However, the shortage of production and packaging facilities in the Saravan area is low for the delivery of dates. But we have been able to work with producers to support farmers and boost the market for Rabi dates.

Dried rabbi dates

The shape of the fruit is tall and long. The color of the thin shell is dark brown and brighter than the date of the Mazafati. Ribbi  dates is taken from the reddish-brown dates in the date Stage. Season is the harvest date of Rabbi in the month of September. This is a bestseller because of its long lasting taste and good taste.

Rabbi dates packaging

The dry rabbi dates are transferred to the production and packaging factories after harvest. Dried fresh dates are packed in large 10 kg packages and small boxes of 500 and 800 grams tailor made to customers’ needs. Package of Rabbi dates is also done in bulk and in part. Also, part of the harvest dates for the production of chocolate date and export is sold.

rabbi dates Dried  dates

Rabbi dates Suppliers

You can get the best dates from Iranshahr and Saravan in the Balochistan region. In these areas, a variety of dates are produced and cultivated. Rabbi dates are among the dried fruits produced in southern Iran.

rabbi dates iran

Saravan’s rabbi date is one of the best Iranian exporters. In the palm fields of Sistan and Balouchestan, thousands of tons of rabbi dates are produced and harvested every year. The main suppliers of  rabbi dates are present in these areas.

Rabbi dates export

Exports of Iranian dry dates to countries such as Russia and Turkey have been very influential in the economic prosperity of the country. The country of Iran is considered to be the world’s noodles. It has the ability to cultivate over 400 types of dates. Many kinds of dried dates are still unknown in this country. For example, Rabbi’s dry dates in the Iranshahr region are mostly sold to other countries for export.

Dried rabbi dates

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