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Piarom dates suppliers and exporter

Piarom dates suppliers and exporter in Iran are ready to cooperate with international traders. The dates are the best-selling Iranian cultivars. Exporters of dates all over the world visit Iran every year to prepare these dates.

Piarom dates

Piarom date

As mentioned, the dates of the cultivars are cultivars in the Haji Abad area of Hormozgan province. This fruit is considered high quality and long lasting, except for the export and best selling of Iranian dates. Piarom dates are known as Maryami dates in other countries.

Piarom dates exporter

If you also intend to invest and export Piarom dates, our special offer is to select a variety of dates packed in new and new boxes. Know more about date and time of planting and harvesting can help you plan your purchase and export of this product.

Piarom date Packed

You can order the packed Piarom date from the website at an affordable price for export. The dates of the export are from high quality Haji Abad Range. Buying Piarom is always more affordable at the harvest season.

All types of packaging available for Piarom date include:

  • Laminate carton 5 and 10 kg
  • Plastic containers or pvc
  • Zipper envelope
  • Caddy boxes
  • Slider box
  • Triangular box

    Piarom dates suppliers

 Piarom dates suppliers           Piarom dates

Each of these types of packaging is usually produced at various weights of 250, 450, 500 grams. These packages are available on the international market. Most European and American countries are demanding small packages for their market.

Piarom dates suppliers

Persian date suppliers in Iran have been able to produce the best and most quality dates. It is very important to examine export markets and compete with world date varieties. Piarom dates to one of the most important dates in the world.

Piarom dates suppliers

As you know, the palm rates and most garden fruits are subject to supply and demand. Many factors are important in determining the price of dates. Including:

  • Weather conditions during growing and harvesting dates
  • The amount of peanut dates is harvested
  • The quality of the picked dates
  • Preparation steps and palm packing process
  • The dollar fluctuates

Piarom date

All of these can be effective at the price of Piarom dates. But generally, the first grade dates of the early spring are estimated at about 1$ per kg. The export price will also vary according to the selected grade and the type of packaging. Contact us for information on the great price of Piarom dates and online order.

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